15+ Sites to download Korean movies

Sites to download korean movies

The Korean movie industry is one of the most popular movie industries in the world when it comes to drama.

Since early 2000, even before the internet became one of the best places to watch movie-OnDemand, Korean drama movie has found themselves in the heart of so many people.

With so many Korean drama series being released every year, one of the best weapon the Korean movie industry use to remain in the heart of their viewers is the style of showing emotions that will connect the viewers with both the actors and the storyline.

If you are a fan of Korean movies, you probably might have been looking for a website to download action or romantic Korean movies with English subtitles, this guide will help you.

This article will list the sites to download Korean movies for free. So sit back and read through the best sites to download Korean movies.

1. KissAsian

Kissasian is one great sites to download Korean drama movies as they provide users with rich content and updated Korean movies.

The site is easy to navigate and provides a search bar field where you can search for your favorite movie easily.

This website has a large database that updates immediately when a new movie is released.

Not only can you get Korean movies to download, but you can also get other drama movies from all over the Asian continent. Visit KissAsian

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2. Viki

Viki is a top-notch website where you can get awesome and updated Korean movies. No doubt it’s one of the most well-structured and well-designed websites that offers great image quality video.

The quality of services is offered first through their mobile app which can be accessed with any smartphone and can easily be downloaded on Google play store.

You can get to stream or download Korean movies with English subtitles via the mobile App. The App also enables users to create a watch list for later and it is easy to navigate.

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3. Dramago

Dramago is another great website to download Korean movies easily.

It has a great interface that can be easily navigated for the users. The website usually showcases the latest movie releases on its homepage and has a search box at the top where users can easily search for their favorite Korean movie.


Sojuoppa is a platform to get your favorite Korean movies selection.

The interface looks great and appealing. Movies are sectioned into categories.

One drawback of this site is that users must register prior to downloading movies and the registration may attract a little fee which is nothing compared to the extraordinary dramas and movies you will be able to access.

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5. NewAsianTv

This is another website to download Korean movies with a higher resolution which comes along with accurate subtitles.

Viewing on NewAsianTv is very smooth and you can be sure that no Ad will disturb you.

The site offers different genres ranging from action, adventure, horror, romance, animation, crime, fantasy e.t.c

6. DramaCool9

DramaCool9 is another great sites to download Korean movies with English subtitles for your favorite shows to allow for maximum enjoyment. They have a reputation for quick updating of new TV series episodes.

These episodes are uploaded on the Dramacool website just moments after they have been released.

Not only do they offer movies and series that are Korean, but you can also get movies from Taiwan, China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

7. DramaNice

Similar to Dramacool9, DramaNice also provides updated Korean movies for their fans.

You have the option to stream and also download Korean movies all for free on their website.

On Dramanice, you can also get free and accurate English subtitles making it one of the best sites to download Korean movies.

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8. WeTv

WeTv is a new platform owned and operated by the makers of the popular smartphone game PUGB namely Tencent.

The movies are best accessed via the mobile app which can be downloaded on play store for Android and Appstore for IOS devices. The mobile app is easy and fast to navigate.

9. DramaBeans

This is one of the oldest K-drama sites to download Korean movies available on the internet.

Apart from Korean movies, you can also download other movies like Chinese and Japanese dramas. There are other features available on this website including movie reviews, celebrity news, drama casting e.t.c


Next on the list of sites to download Korean movies is Kshowsubindo.

You can get to download full HD Korean drama with the preferred language subtitle of your choice even from other Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong kong.

The site provides users with information about movies and dramas such as release date and genre. Downloading on kshowsubindo is super fast and easy.

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11. Amazon Prime Video

One of the best websites where you can download Korean drama series for free is Amazon prime video.

They offer mainstream content streaming services with English subtitles.

12. OnDemandKorea

Although this website does not only specialize in movies. They also offer news, sport, documentary, education, life e.t.c.

To download movies, you have to navigate to the drama category or search bar field.

The major drawback of this site is that it is only accessible to people in Asia. If you re outside Asia, you can always use Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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13. Viu

Most of the contents available on Viu are Higher-Definition (HD) quality.

It is one of the safest websites to stream k-drama online and you don’t even need to create an account before you use their services.

Apart from Korean movies, you can also download Nollywood, Ghollywood, and Riverwood movies.

14. MyDramaList

MydramaList is also a great sites to download Korean movies having a fancy layout interface that makes it appealing for users to stick around.

This site contains a lot of movie reviews and has a community built around it for questions and discussions.

15. DramaFire

Dramafire contains a collection of Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, and Asian dramas.

The website provides updated and high-quality videos. Although the website may not allow you to download any of their drama, you can also stream your favorite drama online.

For Korean movie lovers, here are 15 sites to download Korean movies for free with English subtitles. Now is the time to visit any of these sites and sit back to enjoy your favorite K-drama series. If you find these useful, please comment and share them below.

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