How to check Airtel number in Nigeria

how to check airtel number in Nigeria

I want to show you 4 simple methods how to check your airtel number. Sometimes there will be a need for you to send your airtel number to a friend/colleague in Nigeria or probably you need to provide your airtel number in a bank form, but you have forgotten your airtel number.

You may not even forget, it is possible you did not even know your number offhand because it is a new airtel number. Airtel is one of the fastest-growing telecom companies in Nigeria which is the more reason why many people use it.

In Nigeria, it is a normal trend for an individual to have more than one sim card. A lot of other people have as many as 5 airtel sim cards because of their good data plan.

However, to check Airtel number in Nigeria, USSD codes come in handy and remain the simplest way to check your airtel number.

These USSD codes can be useful for making authentication when you need to access your bank transactions, check airtel data balance, check NIN or check your IMEI number.

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There are other several ways to check Airtel number. Let’s go through each method together:

Method 1: Use USSD code *121#

This is the simplest method to check your Airtel number in Nigeria. Follow the guidelines below

  • Open your call dialer App
  • Type *121# : A list of option will be displayed
  • Type “3” : manage my account
  • Type “4” : My number

A popup message will be displayed as “your number is xxxxxxx”. See the screenshot below.

image of airtel number checking
check airtel number
display image of airtel number

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Method 2: Download Airtel Mobile App

All the airtel users have the option to download and install “my airtel app” from Google play store. To do this, make sure you have an internet connection.

  • Download “my airtel App” on google playstore if you don’t have it already installed.
  • Make sure your airtel sim card is inserted into the phone
  • Open the App and navigate through its menu

Click through access your phone number

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Method 3: Call or send a text message to a friend

If you have a friend nearby, make sure you have at least a little airtime that can make a call.

  • Collect your friend’s phone number
  • Dial the number until it rings or alternatively, send a text message

Copy/save your number from your friend’s phone

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Method 4: Call customer care

This will require your patience because it may not be easy getting through to the customer care centre. But you will definitely get a response from them. It may however require you to answer some questions from customer care.’

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In order to call Airtel customer care, dial 111 and wait for the response, then follow the voice instruction.

These are the 4 best ways to check your airtel number in Nigeria. How to check airtel number shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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