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Ayanda Temitayo

About Me:

My name is Ayanda Temitayo, a graduate of Federal University of Technology Minna from the department of Information and media technology. I’m a self-taught programmer and I love to write code (sweets when there is no bug!…hehehhe).

I derive a passion for technology when I was looking for admission into the university some years back. My passion for technology forced me to learn some basic tech skill on my own which are now a driving force for me to pursue my career in Technology.

I have been inspired by a lot of great minds in tech who are doing great and shaking the world with ideas and innovations (I will write about them soon).

Beyond career and education, I love my parent! I love to watch football for leisure, then I love Food!!!. Even though I’m sometimes seen as being too serious, I can be naughty and funny a times. You can always put your trust in me!

Ok… So you now know a little bit about me (Grin). I will update this space as time goes on. Stay put and always find time to relax.

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