How to Identify Fake Websites

Fake websites have become increasingly widespread in this digital age and as more websites are being built on the internet.You have probably ended up on a fake website before either once or twice unknowingly. But the design and appearance of these websites make it difficult for you to manually identify them as fake websites. These days; not only do we……

How to start web development in 2023 – A Beginners’ guide

how to start web development 2021

If you are learning or planning to start Web development in 2023, then this post is for you.For most web beginners, the question has always been “how can I start coding”? or How to start building websites?Probably you have started, but it is still unclear to you, or maybe you are finding it hard to learn and you are getting……

Differences between a blog, a website, and a forum

Blogs, forums, and websites are somehow synonymous but taking a good look at them, you can always differentiate them from their content. If you are familiar with the internet or you are good at surfing through the internet, you probably might have heard about Blogs or websites. Is there really a difference?