How to Learn Coding for Free online

If you find yourself on this page reading this post, it means you are interested in learning how to code, or probably you are looking for the best online platform to learn coding.

There are so many resources out there and it is overwhelming most times as someone just needs to navigate properly in the right direction so that you do not get lost.

How to learn coding for free online

Whether you want to be a developer or programmer, the keys to using these free resources are to use them as a guide and the best way to learn is to start playing with code and building stuff.

The internet has transformed the way we learn and grow. You can literally step into a new career easily because of the accessibility to educational resources.

There are multitudes of paid program courses online but the free resources are more than enough to get you started and develop your fundamental knowledge.

With so many tools and resources available online, finding the right tools to enhance your coding skill might be confusing. However, this article addresses that by making it easy to find all of the resources you need to learn how to code in one article.

Let’s jump right in!


how to learn coding - pluralsight

Pluralsight which is formally known as code school is an online learning platform that offers courses authored by a network of industry experts. They offer both free and paid courses. It is a great learning platform organized into different learning paths and defined by languages and skills.

Here are the advantages Pluralsight offers which I like from their platform.

– You will be able to choose your learning path created by professionals.

– It allows you to practice what you have learned directly in your browser and get immediate feedback

– You can gather points as you complete each course level.

– You can also monitor progress, earn badges and keep track of all achievements.

Some of the things you can learn on Pluralsight include:

⦁ Javascript
⦁ Python
⦁AWS SysOp
⦁ PHP and Database e.t.c

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how to learn coding for free online- BitDegree

Bitdegree is one place you will love to learn programming or game development because they offer a ton of free courses. All you need to do is just to choose your language of learning and get started. Especially if you want to go into game development, it is a great place to start learning.
There are a lot of programming languages covered, but the major ones include:



The MITOpenCourseware (ocw) is a great platform by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that offers undergraduate and graduate-level courses and provides study materials that you can access at any time and anywhere.

MIT OpenCourseWare offers free online courses related to computer science. They have some introductory programming courses like Java, Python, C and C++, and Matlab programming.


 coursera online learning

Coursera is one of the leading platforms to learn coding online for free. They provide coding-based courses, tutorials, and resources by partnering with renowned universities and organizations. And most of the courses are taught by professors at leading universities. They have a lot of free courses, although you will have to pay for courses if you want to receive certification.

They offer variety of courses including

  • Python – Java programming – Html and CSS
  • IoT programming
  • C language
  • Introduction to programming


freecodecamp online learning

This is another great website that provides a way to learn at your pace online. The most interesting thing about FreeCodeCamp is that you can build community and real-life relationships as you learn to code on this platform.

It means you can access the community chatrooms on the site to seek help from other coders who are learning alongside you. You will have access to free video tutorials and courses while you build applications that are useful to non-profit organizations in real-time

You can learn the following from Freecodecamp

  • Javascript – Html – Css – NodeJs – Database – Git and Github

FreeCodeCamp is my goto place for Javascript

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how to learn coding for free- theodinproject

This website is specifically good if you want to learn web development online for free. As you progress in your learning, you will have a chance to participate in several small projects to help you build your own portfolio for work.

This is one of the reasons why I like theOdinproject because you will be able to work with other learners as a group on different projects which enhances your learning process and also offers a flexible curriculum.

Some of the web technology tools you will learn include:

  • Javascript
  • Html5 & CSS3
  • Jquery
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails

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how  to learn coding for free online- codeacademy

This is another popular online platform where people learn to code for free. They offer courses ranging from introductory programming to more advanced languages. More than 25 million people have learned to code and are still coding using this platform.

What I love about this platform is that it gives you the opportunity to learn and understand coding from scratch.
Some of the courses you will be able to learn include

Website Development – Html, Css, Php, Python and More

  • Ruby on Rails – Javascript (AngularJs, NodeJs, ReactJs)
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Command line e.t.c

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udemy image

Udemy is a very popular and globally renowned online education platform that offers thousands of courses taught through video tutorials. Most of the courses are usually paid courses ranging from $12 – $90. But they also have a lot of free courses and many times they offer discounts and coupon codes on their paid courses. Click here to access Udemy Courses for up to 50% off for all paid course

The paid courses always come with certification and you can check out ratings and reviews for every course before you enroll for it. Udemy offers plenty of development courses like:

  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Mobile App development
  • Ecommerce site creation –
  • Any programming language you want e.t.c

Get any Udemy Course for up to 50% off, Use my link here

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How to learn coding for free online- edx

Edx is an open-source higher education learning platform renowned with more than 5 million learners. They offer verified courses for free and allows you to learn at your own pace.

Although you will have to pay for courses if you will require a certificate after completion. Though EDX, under their computer science category, you can learn any of these:

  • JQuery
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Mobile App development
  • Html & Css – C++


udacity image

This platform creates a vast range of free and paid courses that lets learners perfect their desired skill. They have a nanodegree program that is targeted at helping you give the right direction to your career thereby increasing your job opportunity chances.

Udacity offers a lot of courses built by renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, AT&T e.t.c
The categories you can learn from include:

  • Programming
  • Data Science
  • AI
  • Cloud Computing e.t.c


how to learn coding for free-cybrary

If you are passionate about learning computer security, then Cybrary is a platform to go for. It is free crowd-sourced cybersecurity and IT learning platform that provides hands-on experience to gain real-world skills.

The topics covered include computer forensics, cryptography, and cyber threat intelligence. You will also have access to learn with teams and also be assigned an instructor. Although certification is only available for paid Members.


As the name implies, this is a platform that provides learning guides, mini-courses, tutorials, and data science courses online. The interesting thing about eliteDataScience is that you can download code sheets, checklists, and worksheets to shorten the data science learning curve.

Machine Learning Mastery

how to learn coding for free online- machinelearningmastery

This website walks you through the stages of becoming a machine learning professional. They offer free tutorials and resources including free machine learning crash course for getting started even as a beginner.

This site is the world’s largest web developer site. I literally started my web development journey with w3school. W3school platform provides coding tutorials, resources, examples, and exercises to help you learn how to code the easier way.

The interesting thing is that it is a free platform to learn although they have paid courses if you need to get their certification.
W3schools offers a wide range of resources to learn coding like

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML & CSS


how to learn coding for free online- khanacademy

This is another great place to start developing your coding skills because they offer a wide range of courses and tutorials that range from computer programming basics all the way up to advanced levels.

Most of the courses are taught by experts, however, students are also encouraged to share their learnings and programs throughout the program.
Some of the coding you will learn include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Databases

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sololearn image

The fascinating thing about soloLearn is that you can access the platform on the web and on a mobile application which allows you to learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

You can learn the following courses

Python C++ Java

Javascript SQL PhP

Html & Css React Angular


how to learn coding for free- codewars

Codewars is a platform that brings coding challenges your way while you learn desired programming language. As you progress, the challenges become tougher, you are able to see how your solution stacks up to others.

The purpose of each challenge is to help you sharpen your existing skills or learn a new onw from scratch.
Some languages you can learn from codewars include:

Java Javascript C#

Ruby Python SQL

how to learn coding for free online-

If you are looking for the best programming courses and tutorials, is the website to check. You can find multiple courses from different sources at the same place. The courses with the highest upvote by users remain at the top.

What I like most about is that you can use a filter to draw out the not so rated courses and tutorials and only pick from the ones that match your needs.
Some of the languages you can learn are:

  • Python – Javascript – HTML5 -Java – CSS
  • React – PHP – Django – SQL -C -C++

Code Conquest

This is another great platform that will help you learn the basics of coding. They provide a step-by-step beginner’s guide on how to learn coding from scratch even if you have not written any code before.

You can learn a variety of programming language like

– Html & Css – Javascript – PHP – Ruby – Jquery – Python – Mysql


Another platform that will teach you how to code from scratch is Upskill. It is a free online Bootcamp that will teach you from beginner to advanced developer.

The focus in Upskill is Web development courses. It is a great place to start even without having any website experience.

You will learn courses like:

  • WordPress plugin development
  • Javascript
  • Html & Css3
  • Php
  • Mysql
  • NodeJs
  • Ruby on Rails

The interesting thing about Upskill is that their curriculum is 100% projects-based, meaning you will be building real-world portfolio as you progress through their courses


With every free resources available online, learning how to code is just as easy as eating and sleeping even without having to pay a dime. Of course, there are several paid programs and courses available as well. But the free resources are just enough to get you started and develop your foundational programming skills.

You don’t have to go through every single course or program on the list above, but instead, pick the ones that seem the most exciting to you and dive in.

Have any questions, tips, or tricks about code learning? Share them in the comments below.

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