12 Top website for developers and programmers

top website for developers and programmers

I found useful websites for developers and programmers and I bet, you haven’t explored most of them. The technology space is becoming saturated as more and more people are diving into programming and other tech-related skills.

As a programmer, it is always important to update yourself in order to improve in your coding career.

How do you keep up to date and improve as a programmer? One of the best ways to keep up to date is by joining a community online and visiting some of the most popular websites that can help you progress.

A lot of people in tech have built an online community to make your work as a programmer easier.

Whether you are a programming newbie, you want to refresh your existing skillset or you have a desire to acquire mastery of your favorite programming language, these websites are a goldmine for you to take advantage of.

Here are list of website as a tool to make your work easier.


This is a super powerful website from converting one programming language to another. It is an online WEB IDE for programmers.

I once had a friend back in the university who converted a project written in PHP code to Java overnight. It took him time, but he did it anyway. With ide.onelang.io, you can convert your code with ease from one language to another say from c++ to Java.


Website for developers and programmers-webskill

I call this site repository of knowledge. This website is full of all kinds of learning resources for web developers from fundamentals of HTML,css, JavaScript & browsers.

You can learn the following

Accessibility: Web components e.g shadow Dom, custom elements

Progressive webapps e.g APIs, push notifications

Build tools I.e NPM, typescript, sass, nodejs etc

Framework & Libraries e.g Vue, React, Angular

Testing e.g unit testing, usability testing, performance testing

Architecture & Paradigms e.g prototype, design patterns, recursion, pop

Team collaboration I.e version control & management

UI & UX  e.g color wheel, color theory, Alignment, typography loading

Algorithms & Data structures

√ Databases & Servers

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Designed and maintained by Alexis Deveria. This is a website that provides up-to-date browser support tables for front-end web developers, you can take advantage of caniuse.com to test the features and compatibility of your website across 2,000+ real browsers and devices. It will let you know which tags are deprecated or functional in different web browsers


Devdocs is an open-source that combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface. If you need to read the documentation about a particular programming language or API, you can easily search for specific documentation by typing its name.

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This website is a free developer platform that lets you create a community and allows you to import content from YouTube and DevTo. All you have to do is sign up, create a channel and start publishing content.

If you have a YouTube Channel, citonhub channel can help you link your YouTube channel so that when you publish a video on YouTube, it is automatically updated on Citonhub and your audience would have access to it.

The interesting part is you can make money through donations and memberships as you engage your community at the same time boosting your audience retention.



This website is good for software companies and technology organizations that recruit new developers via an online interview. Codeshare allows you to share code in real-time with other developers.

It is an online code editor for interviews, troubleshooting, teaching & more. It can be used as a best practice to prepare for online interview as a developer.


This is no doubt a great website for every programmer & developer. Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that lets you run your personal blog on your domain for free and helps you stay connected with global developer communities.

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If you’re willing to grow as a developer and share your knowledge with other dev community, hashnode
allows you to stay connected and publish content and articles for free while you still learn.


This is a growing number of an online community of developers with over 620k amazing developers. You can connect with software developers in your discipline and share your learnings from your own work. It provides a platform to share content in form of a blog post, teach, learn and ask questions.

Webpage Test

Webpage Test as a tool measures performance metrics in real browsers and could scale to test millions of sites per day. If you are concerned to test the speed of your website with detailed optimization recommendations, then a webpage test is a good site to check out.

You only need to enter the domain of your website and webpage test will display the performance metrics like security level, largest contentful paint, first contentful paint, speed index, and possible recommendations to improve your website.

Linux survival

This is a perfect online platform to learn about linux commands. Linux survival is a free tutorial website designed to make it easy as possible to learn about Linux.

It is a tutorial that uses a simulated Linux terminal so you can practice what you learn. As a programmer, it is important to know both windows command and Linux command. To start learning about Linux, click here

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Website for developers and programmers-pastebin

Pastebin website can allow you to store text like code, notes, or any snippet. You can set the expiration date within minutes to a year.



Learnshell is an interactive shell programming tutorial. If you are interested in learning to program with Unix or Linux interpreters, then this website provides an amazing platform for you.

Whether you are experienced programmer or beginner, this website is intended for everyone who wishes to learn programming with Unix/Linux shell.

So these are very nice platforms that can make your journey easy as a developer. I hope you found it useful. Feel free to let me know your feedback and which platforms you have been using constantly.

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