Android vs iPhone – 6 Reasons why people love iPhone products

When it comes to Android vs iPhone, there are numerous reasons why people love iPhone products. There are specifically two different operating systems you will be caught up with – IOS developed by Apple and Android by Google.

The debate between iPhone and Android continues to rages on as new smartphones are being released every now and then. Oftentimes, I ask myself this question like why do people crave for iPhone over Android?

What is so special about iPhone? But I believe I am not the only one on this table asking this question; Smiles…. I believe there are many more who still wonder why and they want answers to justify this.

But in my curiosity and in my quest to know exactly why; I got to know some interesting facts and features iPhone offers over Android that makes people crave for it.

So all you need do now is sit back and relax while I unveil some interesting things about iPhone you want to know.

First, Continuity Feature

iPhone has continuity features from one device to another. When I say continuity feature, I mean uninterrupted connection in transferring data from across your devices.

This feature certainly will save you a lot of time in completing a task. For instance, let’s say you have MACOS or IPAD, you can copy text from your iPhone and edit it or use it on your MacOs or Ipad.

Universal clipboard allows you to copy data on iPhone and it will be useable on your other Apple devices. It is not even limited to text alone, you can also transfer pictures & documents seamlessly within seconds, view and edit them on your MAC.

Talk about making purchases with your MAC using Biometric authentication features on your iPhone via Apple pay…. I’m blown away by this feature… Lol. All these features are not quite seamless on Android.

Second, Seamless and quality Apps

We love quality! I love quality!!!

Apple is known for its quality, probably that is the reason why iPhone always comes out more expensive than Android. The App store contains a variety of Apps with better integration with the phone’s core services and runs a bit smoother and cleaner on IOS than on Android.

No wonder big companies ranging from banks, airlines to tech companies create Apps for IOS that run perfectly with a fantastic user experience. Imessage & FaceTime are some of the most popular apps on the iPhone.

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Thirdly, No Bloatware!

According to oxford dictionary, “bloatware are unwanted software or App included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer”. These pre-installed App may not be useful for you but can take up the storage space needed for other useful things.

Unlike Android which comes with preinstalled Apps such as Google play music, Carlcare, PalmChat, and many more annoying Apps when you power it on at first time after purchase.

iPhone will never come with preinstalled App when you boot it up for the first time. It is clean from the very start which is an advantage when it comes to storage space.

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Next, Quicker software updates

One of the most fascinating advantages of the iPhone over Android is that you get software updates on your device on a regular basis.

Even on older iPhone devices, your Apple phone will receive the latest versions of IOS updates for a very long time and the software updates are instant and hassle-free resulting in an amazing experience throughout your usage period.

Android lacks on this feature because after 1 to 2 years of releasing an Android phone, you will stop getting an update and is really a big issue when you spend so much to purchase a smartphone and you’re being left behind few years after.

Fifth, Consistency & Ease of use.

People enjoy using products that are convenient, efficient and less frustrating. And Apple has done a great job in keeping things really simple enough for its users to understand the operation and interface of the device.

In other words, the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) allow users even laymen to figure out how to use the device without getting confused.

Both the hardware and software on iPhone are made by Apple hence they work well with each other.

The experience provided by the iPhone is simply brilliant and the build quality is just the best.

Super easy navigation, the cameras that come on iPhone are amazing. With just a few minutes of using iPhone, you’ll literally get used to it.

When you change your iPhone to another iPhone or Apple device, you won’t get lost in operating in the new environment of the newly purchased iPhone, unlike Android. You may get lost if you change from one Android to another android device say from Tecno pop 3 to Samsung S7.

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Lastly, Less Security breaches

One of the myths about the iPhone is that it is more secure than android. Maybe yes, maybe Not; it is left for you to believe. But most users think that iPhone is safer because Apple has control over its products.

In the actual sense of it, it is partially true, but iPhone is not totally secure as it can also be infected by malware.

Although in Android phones, you may need to have applications like speed booster, Ram booster, and antivirus application on your android mobile devices to protect it. Whereas, you don’t need all that Apps on your iPhone.

There are lots of other reasons why people choose the iPhone and are obsessed with it. But whatever choice you make, the debate between Android and iPhone will not end as both products are great and highly competing for phone lovers.

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You can talk at length about the most exciting phones of the year and when next you need a new phone, you can consider your options right and choose correctly.

So I hope you have learned something from reading this post. If you think there are things I need to include that I didn’t write, please kindly give me feedback in the comment box below.


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  • Operating System – iOs 14
  • Display size – 6.7 inch
  • RAM – 8 GB
  • Storage – 1 TB
  • Camera – Quad camera;12+12+12+3D megapixel
  • Network technology – 3G, 4G, 5G
  • Screen resolution – 1284 by 2778 pixels
  • Screen protection – Corning Gorilla Glass, scratch-resistant Glass, oil and fingerprint-resistant coating, ceramic shield
  • Other features – splash/water resistant, faceID using trueDepth camera for facial recognition, wireless charging with MagSafe charger up to 15W capacity, wireless charging with Qi chargers up to 7.5W, Siri natural language commands and dictation etc

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