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WhatsApp Tv

What is WhatsApp Tv?

If you haven’t heard about whatsapp tv or you’re just getting to know that people actually make money from having a whatsapp tv, this post is right for you.

Whatsapp TV also known as whatsapp television is used to publish entertainment for users.

 The status feature aids in providing entertainment for people. We’ve all heard of WhatsApp’s status function, which lets you post videos, photographs, text, and GIFs for your friends to view.

If the poster doesn’t remove it manually after 24 hours, the status will automatically expire. and how can we view the images or videos that our contacts upload as their WhatsApp status?.

With over 5 billion downloads on google playstore and app store, and with over 2.4 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the top social networking platforms, and it has also proven to be one of the best apps for making money.

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Making a WhatsApp TV is one way to go about if you’ve ever thought about making money with your social media account.

Any of the apps can be used to run a TV, including regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business account(WA Bussiness). However, using the WhatsApp business account app is advised.

You should also be aware that in order to receive a lot of status views, you will need to add a lot of contacts. Only if a large number of people are looking at your status can you claim to own a TV.

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NOTE: It’s not advisable to use your primary WhatsApp account for your WhatsApp TV. Instead, you should use GB Whatsapp or WhatsApp business and make it your channel to prevent being banned, having contact issues, or experiencing any other harassment.

So sit back and digest how you can start whatsapp tv today.

How to create a WhatsApp Tv

You must have a few items in order to launch or create WhatsApp TV, these includes

  1.  An Android or iOS device

– Minimum of 4Gb RAM and 64Gb storage space. I recommend you use a very good Android device that has good specification in order to have a good experience while using it. Phones like this will not hang easily and will give you a smooth experience when you’re running your WhatsApp TV.

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  • A nickname (brand name) for the WhatsApp TV
  • One of the essential features that might help your WhatsApp Television succeed is a brand name. This is necessary in order for you to gain trust and to be recognize as a brand. If you don’t have a very attractive name in mind, you can check online for business name generator that will help you.
  • Any photo and video editing app you can discover, such as canva.com
  • You will require a video and photo editing tool in order to produce engaging content for your audience and to include your branding logo in each post you make. Both FilmoraGO for video editing and Canva for photo editing are my recommendations.

You’re ready to proceed now that you have everything specified above, therefore the following steps are necessary:

  • Download Whatsapp Business or Gbwhatsapp from Google playstore or App store.
  • Launch the downloaded version of WhatsApp Business.
  • Enter and validate the phone number you want to use for WhatsApp TV.
  • The nickname you created of the TV and a photo for the account must then be entered; it is recommended that you put the nickname of your WhatsApp TV there and the logo as the picture, then click the next button.

After following the steps above, your Whatsapp Tv ought to have been setup. It is as simple as that.

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How to make money from WhatsApp Tv

Now that you know how to create Whatapp Tv, you will now learn how to monetize your TV,  having successfully built one. What helps is that you can make more money over time if you can obtain more viewers (or contacts) for your WhatsApp TV.

When you have a respectable number of viewers (contacts), here are the standard technique to monetize your TV:

  1. SPONSORED ADS: Charge individuals to advertise their items on your status and promote your own view of the items, same as saying one approach to monetize WhatsApp TV is by running advertisements for interested companies/persons.

    Help business owners advertise on your status. Don’t just waste views, show them evidence of your 3k daily views.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is also another tried-and-true strategy to making money from Whatsapp tv. What does Affiliate Marketing means? Affiliate marketing is the technique of generating income by advertising the goods of other people (or businesses).

    You choose a product you enjoy, spread the word about it, and get paid a percentage of the sales price. You can join Amazon affiliate or Jumia affiliate program and promote their product.

    Once people purchase through your referral link, you get a commission from whatever they buy. Therefore, if you subscribe to news-paying sites, download apps, or have a company that would pay you money for each user you refer to their platform or for each sale you make for them, let your users know about their products and you’ll earn a good amount of commission.

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  • SALES OF PRODUCTS: You can also sell your products to your audience. Things like clothes, shoes, phone accessories and even digital products will captivate your reader’s interests.

    If you offer some services like website creation, you can also get customers from your WhatsApp TV. While you shouldn’t bore them with your product, you can occasionally post it to remind your viewers that you offer such services.

 With this, you should try to attract as many viewers as you can because doing so would enable you to accomplish a lot and profit handsomely from your WhatsApp TV. And to accumulate as many contacts as you can.

There are other ways on how to make money from WhatsApp Tv, but these are the major ones.

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How to get more views from WhatsApp Tv

Now that you know how to create WhatsApp Tv and how you can make money from WhatsApp Tv, it is important to know that you need lots of viewers in order for you to make money. Here are a few helpful hints that will help you get more views on your WhatsApp TV;

  • Adopt a quality TV name, logo, and watermark: You are addressed the way you desire to be addressed. Use a nice name that is easy to say and not too long and shouldn’t be a heavy tribal name.
  • The next step is for a skilled TV logo designer to modernize your current TV logo with a captivating design. Make sure to provide a brief description of your TV along with the appropriate phone number and, if available, a social media handle. You can also create logo by yourself using a simple online tool like Canva.
  • Post Regularly and consistently: Have the habit of regularly updating viewers as that is what they most likely want from you. Content can come in the form of written text, images or even videos. Spice things up and mix it all up a bit.

    Also, before you post, make sure to always place a text of your WhatsApp TV’s name and number on your images or videos.
  • Get a traditional watermark for your TV to clean and update its appearance. People who view your status will perceive you as a professional at what you do since this breeds professionalism.
  • Consider your WhatsApp TV to be a forum by publishing fascinating content that will prompt your viewers to react, reply, and express their opinions and ideas in reference to a post that is made.

    Post engaging, educational, and entertaining contents that will thrive your viewers to stay connected.
  • Use your TV to cover recent events: You need to be imaginative enough to understand that sometimes people want more than just to see your memes. Let me now share with you a trick.

    Big Brother 9ja’s new season has just begun, and we all know how eager Nigerians are to watch it, posting of interesting happenings in the show will trigger people to be committed to your TV.

In addition always be telling your audience to invite their families and friends to your TV since you would be providing them with live updates and direct access, you may hype your TV and channel it to cover all hot updates on Big Brother 9ja.

  • Genius Booster: is a project aimed at  allowing users to increase their WhatsApp status viewers in a WhatsApp group.

    This is another tactic people use to get more views for their WhatsApp TV. To use Genix, go to the website, enter your phone number, and then click on it to get a list of all people who are accessible and ready to talk.
  • WhatsappStatusViews.com.ng: Practically everyone uses this website to improve WhatsApp status views. It is quite easy to use. Simply enter your phone number on the WhatsappStatusViews website, then return by 9:30 p.m. to download the VCF file that has been assigned to you.

    You will be required to enter your phone number and other pertinent details about your TV on the website, pay a charge, and then sit back while they handle the promotion work. Click on this link
  • Wassapviews.com: All you have to do to increase your WhatsApp audience is visit the website and download the VCF file, which allows you and other participants to store each other’s contacts in a single click.

    The contacts associated with the files must be installed after downloading; otherwise, they won’t be immediately saved on your phone.


As you can see, it’s possible to earn a lot of money using WhatsApp TV. All you need is the proper audience size, the correct niche, and the right services.

Be consistent in your posting and just post a few links to prevent GB WhatsApp from banning your profile. You can post three links each day to be on the safe side.

I hope this post taught you a lot; now it’s your turn to spread the word.

CHEERS, and thanks for reading!

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