What’s the difference between Update and Upgrade

Difference between update and upgrade

There are times when you have to Update and then there are times you have to Upgrade. The word “Update” and “Upgrade” may look quite similar but there are important differences that you should understand. Difference between update and upgrade Often times, people confuse or mix the actual terms and meaning. I am not an exception, until I found out.……

How to start web development in 2023 – A Beginners’ guide

how to start web development 2021

If you are learning or planning to start Web development in 2023, then this post is for you.For most web beginners, the question has always been “how can I start coding”? or How to start building websites?Probably you have started, but it is still unclear to you, or maybe you are finding it hard to learn and you are getting……

Differences between a blog, a website, and a forum

Blogs, forums, and websites are somehow synonymous but taking a good look at them, you can always differentiate them from their content. If you are familiar with the internet or you are good at surfing through the internet, you probably might have heard about Blogs or websites. Is there really a difference?

Android vs iPhone – 6 Reasons why people love iPhone products


Iphone When it comes to Android vs iPhone, there are numerous reasons why people love iPhone products. There are specifically two different operating systems you will be caught up with – IOS developed by Apple and Android by Google. The debate between iPhone and Android continues to rages on as new smartphones are being released every now and then. Oftentimes,……

Why you should avoid keeping your mobile phone near you while sleeping at Night.

For most people, the last thing you do before going to sleep is to press phone and the first thing upon wakening up is to check through your phone. Do you find yourself in the category of people that always keep your mobile phone next to your bed at night? Or most time you just find yourself fall asleep unknowingly……

Whatsapp vs Telegram- Which one is better and Why?

Whatsapp and Telegram are both great messaging apps that allows for faster communication in a split of seconds as long as there is internet connection. Apart from the basic messaging features, both whatsapp and Telegram have quite a lot of similar features such as support for stickers, picture in picture view, voice call etc. However, even with the similar features both have quite a number of different features which make them a competing messaging Apps.