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mtn mifi price

If you are an MTN user that requires a lot of data very often, you may have been wondering what an MTN Mifi is. If you are reading this post, you probably want to know what an MTN Mifi is or at least buy a mifi

However, it is nice to have adequate knowledge of your gadgets as a tech bro or sis. This article will help you understand what a Mifi device is, what an MTN Mifi is, how to use an MTN Mifi, MTN Mifi Prices, and any other thing you wish to know about this useful piece of technology.

This post will also answer some questions you may have in mind about MTN Mifi. Did you know that Mifi is not the actual name of that device?

What is MTN Mifi?

A Mifi is a portable router that is just like your phone’s mobile hotspot. However, this operates in a different manner. For very good Mifi devices, the reach is better than what you get on your phone’s mobile hotspot.

There is also something very different to this device. You can connect to a Wifi using your Mifi. The name “Mifi” is not the actual name of the device. Mifi is the brand name of Novatel’s portable router. It is a very common occurrence.

The name of the first portable hotspot brand that gained ground became the general name that it may soon be recognized as an actual word and not a brand name. Just like many toothpaste packs are called maclean or closeup and noodles are called indomie, Mifi is a brand name.

What is MTN Mifi?

MTN Mifi is the portable hotspot router produced by MTN. Almost all mobile networks have their own Mifi router, but the MTN Mifi is one of the best, considering cost and some other factors. Buy Mtn mifi here directly

What are the advantages of MTN Mifi?

Before we talk about MTN Mifi price, it would be great to learn the advantages of the MTN Mifi device.


The MTN Mifi has many advantages. The first is that it is inexpensive. MTN Mifi plans are also not expensive. This makes it a great choice for you.

Data Management

An MTN Mifi can help you sort out your data costs if you consume a lot of data every month. MTN Mifi is popularly used by people who make money from the internet in Nigeria. The list includes bloggers, influencers, or gamers who just use data to have a lot of fun.

Instead of always using your phone’s hotspot, you can get an MTN Mifi and save your battery. Sometimes, when you connect five devices to your phone’s hotspot for a long time, your phone may heat up no matter the brand.

A Mifi would solve this problem as it allows a lot of devices to connect at the same time, and the connection hardly ever wades. You could connect your phone, laptops, ipad, and any other internet consumption device to your Mifi at the same time.


If you will be going on a journey, a Mifi is going to be of great use. Your smartphone’s internet connection would fade out frequently when you go into remote areas. There are many undeveloped places with 3G connection at the max.

This would not be comfortable and would take a long time to load things. If you get an MTN Mifi, your connection problems would be less on your journey.

Huge Network Load

If you use consume a lot of data or the load on your network is excessive, you need a Mifi device. In some households, there is someone who has to turn on their hotspot every time for others. If you experience this often, an MTN Mifi device would be the best for you especially if you are on low budget.

Bad Smartphone Battery

Using your smartphone’s hotspot every time consumes a lot of your battery power. For some phones, it could also reduce charging speed significantly. If you have a bad battery, your phone’s battery power would get wiped out easily if you use the hotspot for data connection.

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If you have an MTN Mifi device, the battery lasts well and would last you for days. You just need to turn it on and connect your laptop, phone or other devices to it.

MTN Mifi Price in Nigeria

How much is MTN Mifi (Device)?

If you are convinced that you need an MTN Mifi device, here are the latest MTN Mifi Prices in Nigeria:

The prices vary depending on the type you are buying, but the average price of MTN Mifi in Nigeria is N15,000. Click here to buy from Jumia online store and get it delivered to your doorstep.

According to various stores, here is a list of MTN Mifi Prices in Nigeria:

  • MTN Ng 4G LTE Mifi Router (30 GB Data Bonus) – N14,999
  • MTN Qhubeka MTN Ng Pocket Mifi – N19,000

There are several other variants of MTN Mifi, with the prices varying depending on size, data bonus and internet connection speed.

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MTN Mifi Plans in Nigeria

If you have an MTN Mifi device already and you just need to know what the best MTN Mifi data plans are, this section will help you out.

List of MTN Mifi Plans

MTN Mifi Super Plan Offer

  • 110 GB Monthly (1 GB daily data bonus) – N20,000
  • 75GB Monthly (500MB daily data bonus) – N15,000
  • 40 GB Monthly (300MB daily data bonus) – N10,000

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MTN Mifi Bonus Data Plan

You get a 100% bonus when you purchase these data bundles.

  • 110GB Monthly – N20,000
  • 75GB Monthly – N15,000
  • 40GB Monthly – N10,000
  • 20GB Monthly – N6,000
  • 15GB Monthly – N5,000
  • 10GB Monthly – N3,500

How to Activate MTN Mifi Free Data

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If you get a new SIM card and you want to activate your free 30GB data on the MTN Mifi, follow these steps:

  • Insert the SIM card carefully into the router
  • Turn the device on
  • You may get a notification that says you got free 30GB and 100% data bonus. If you do not, follow the next step
  • Text “Activate” to 131 to activate your free 30GB 100% data bonus on the Mifi. You can also visit to get the 100% data bonus for your Mifi.
  • To activate any plans, dial *131*500#.

How to Buy MTN Mifi Top-up Bundle

 After you completely exhaust your MTN Mifi plan, you can top up your data using the USSD code; *131*1*5*3#. This will purchase the 3GB Mifi top up for N1000. You can dial *131*1*5# to see other top-up plans. The SIM card dialing this code must be the one linked to your Mifi device.

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You can buy this top-up bundle at N1000 through USSD, Mifi website, myMTNweb and myMTN app.

You can top up using this code as many times as you want, so far you exhaust the previous plan first. You cannot purchase the top-up bundle many times at once. You also must have exhausted your monthly Mifi plan before you can do a top up.

You can also roll over your unused top up data when you subscribe the next month.

How to activate data plans on old MTN Mifi 

If your Mifi device is old and you think cannot subscribe to the Super plans, you just need to send the serial number of your Mifi to 131. Send the Serial number and IMEI of your Mifi device to 131 to activate new plans.

If you are wondering how to do it, here is a sample:

Send abcdefghijkl + 0123456789012324 to 131. The letters and numbers are to be replaced with your IMEI and serial number, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about MTN Mifi prices and MTN Mifi Data Plans:

Does MTN Mifi come with free data?

Yes. You can get free data of 30GB and 1005 data bonus. You will be informed of this in a notification. If not, Text “Activate” to 131 to activate your free 30GB 100% data bonus on the Mifi.

You can also visit to get the 100% data bonus for your Mifi.

Can I use MTN Mifi Bonus on another device?

No. You cannot use your MTN Mifi data bonus on another device. The data plan is solely for your Mifi. If you remove the SIM card and insert it in another device to try to use the data bonus, it will not work.

How much does MTN Mifi cost now?

The prices vary depending on the type you are buying, but the average price of MTN Mifi in Nigeria is N15,000.

According to various stores, here is a list of MTN Mifi Price in Nigeria:

You can purchase/buy mtn mifi here now!

There are other types of Mifi routers. You can see many of them on top tech stores.


The most exciting part of using an MTN Mifi is the data bonus and the speedy internet connection. When downloading files, your 4G connection could give you 17mbps. 

However, you can get up to 150mbps when using the MTN Mifi. The data bundles are also quite affordable, considering that you get double of what you buy. This article gives MTN Mifi Price 2022 updated list.

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