How to remove Taboola news from Android phone

get rid/disable taboola news from android phone

If you’ve been wondering how to disable/remove Taboola news from Android phone, you’re not alone. Seeing intrusive ads or unwanted pop-ups interfere with your phone use is one of the worst feelings you can experience.

Your phone is discreetly set up with this annoying ad network as part of a wider program. Most individuals simply use the quick install approach to install it without knowing how it occurred.

You should be able to stop the intrusion and improve your browsing experience, though. We’ll walk you through how to disable Taboola news on your Android phone in this article.


Taboola news is an Adware which presents itself as an enticing monetization tool. Both users and advertisers suffer from it.

Taboola is a component of an advertising platform that website owners can employ to monetize their sites. Unfortunately, some malicious software redirects viewers to these Taboola advertising without the publisher’s consent in order to make money.

Taboola is an annoying type of adware that is widely used online; for instance, the company offers a lot of sponsored links and clickbait articles.

However, it’s also in charge of a browser hijacker, an addon that can harm popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer and impose additional adverts on you forcibly.

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How can I stop Taboola from showing me unwanted advertisements? Taboola pop-ups are a component of a larger software that can be seen on PCs and Android devices. Most people choose the quick install option to install these programs. However, this could make browsing unpleasant.

This article offers a few solutions for getting rid of Taboola ads and preventing their recurrence. It’s a good idea to uninstall this program after installation.


To disable the notifications, go to Taboola app’s settings page. Scroll down to the section containing the feeds. Toggle the switch to the blue setting. Once this is done, you’re good to go.

If the alerts are not showing up, try closing the app and trying again. In the meantime, you can check out Taboola news on your Android phone to see if it’s causing any problems.


You can also stop receiving this notification by closing the application. The news reader from Taboola is built into Android devices. People looking for general news are not the target audience for its content.

Taboola’s main line of business is native advertising for mobile device manufacturers, and it has an agreement with ZTE to provide news feeds on ZTE products. The app is accessible on Mac, Windows Phone, and Android.


Taboola news can easily be removed from Android devices by installing AdLock. The key unique feature of AdLock for mobile is that it operates on the entire system.

You only need one application to entirely remove advertisements from your browsers, apps, games, and messengers. Of course, AdLock is ideal for preventing Taboola on Android.

Adjusting Mobile AdLock involves a few simple actions. You’ll be guided by us.

Download an ad blocker for Taboola ads from this website and install it on your device. Then follow instructions of the guide below to adjust AdLock:

⦁ Launch AdLock

⦁ Check for updates

  • Open an application, select Check updates from the overflow menu (“⋮”) in the top right corner. Tap UPDATE ALL to open a new menu.
  • Activate HTTPS filtering by navigating to the AdLocker tab.
  • Tap OK in a pop-up window. Then, in order to confirm your identity for subsequent actions, you will be prompted to set a graphic key.
  • Set a key that you’ll undoubtedly remember. Just a formality, really.
  • Keep in mind that AdLock never sends data outside of your device.
  • To prevent adverts on websites with secure internet connections, you must enable HTTPS filtering; otherwise, ad-blocking will be either average at best or impossible at worst.

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You need to uninstall the app from your Android phone in order to get rid of the adverts and the related Taboola spyware. Deselecting optional applications and choosing the Custom or Advanced installation option will accomplish this.

Taboola adverts can also be removed simply by clearing your web browser’s cache. Once the app has been properly deleted, you may use an anti-spyware program to check your phone for any residual infection. Taboola displays the majority of harmless adverts. 

But if you go to them, they can send you to other websites that might ask you to download unidentified software. Such websites could even invite you to download malicious apps or browser add-ons.

These programs’ availability can cause major privacy problems and identity theft. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to remove these unwanted programs.

As was previously mentioned, AdLock is an additional choice for Taboola ad removal on Android phone. It operates across the entire system and can even block advertisements for different websites.

Take the actions outlined above to use AdLock. Make sure to check for updates and update all settings.

You should get in touch with your service provider if you’re still experiencing issues. Before you begin utilizing any program, you should also think about alternative solutions.

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Taboola can be disabled on an Android or Samsung phone. You might have seen a Taboola advertisement while searching the internet or visiting a website. Regardless of the underlying cause, you might want to get rid of Taboola news on android phone.

Taboola’s advertisements are frequently based on the websites you visit, the items you look at, and the services you use. These intrusive advertisements can make browsing unpleasant. Even though the adware’s developer is unrelated to the Taboola malware, you should still uninstall it from your computer if you notice it.

Taboola is a straightforward adware program that can be eliminated from your computer or phone using an adware removal application. There is a straightforward procedure you can use to remove Taboola. Install an ad-blocking program afterwards to safeguard your machine from further threats.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Taboola’s advertisements could lead to dangerous websites. They might not appear to be hazardous, but they can lead you to phony surveys or downloads or questionable software.

The lawful advertising network Taboola employs adware-like programs to serve invasive advertisements that monitor your browser habits, so you should be aware of it as well. Use an anti-malware program like AdLock or HitmanPro if you’re not sure if Taboola is on your computer.

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Cybercriminals frequently put malware on your phone. Similar to a computer virus, it will infiltrate the device’s files before beginning to proliferate.

While Android malware won’t act like a computer virus would, it can still cause problems. The majority of malware takes the form of harmful programs that can damage your phone, steal information, or spy on you.

You should first boot into safe mode to see if your phone is infected. Any harmful apps on your phone will be eliminated if you do this.

In Settings, there is a safe mode selection. All third-party apps will be deactivated after safe mode has been entered. You can then utilize pre-installed programs and fundamental networking features.


Publishers of online content use Taboola to entice readers to read more articles on the same website or to get money from referral traffic.

Brands and marketers place bids to have their content seen. You don’t have to put up with Taboola advertising on your PC or Android for the rest of your life, I assure you! Here is a brief overview you can use:

–> You can install third party softwares like Adlock to scan and remove malware on your device. 

–> go to your browser’s extensions section,taboola should be there, disable or remove it. Next, search your computer for a file called taboola.dll and delete it.

Also go to %PROGRAMFILES%\taboola and delete the files. If all of the above fails, then download an adware removal tool and scan your computer.

–> You can also disable this notification by turning off the app.

You can use either a manual or an automatic method to remove Taboola ads completely. The auto method involves using a special removal tool to clean up the mess left by the software.

We have analysed ways in which you can get rid/disable Taboola news from your android phone in this article. I hope this helps.

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