How to Jailbreak Samsung smart Tv: 100% Working guide

how to jailbreak samsung smart tv

Samsung smart tv run on Tizen Os which provides one of the best streaming experiences because of its brightness and HD quality display.

You can never get enough of the Samsung smart tv since it provides great channels of different genres, including movies, sports, news, and more.

However, there are some apps that cannot be found on official storehouses for smart TVs and must be downloaded from third-party sources due to licensing issues or restrictions imposed by the developer.

In addition, access to some content is not supported by the manufacturer of this smart TV, such as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube premium.

In order to access these features, you need to have a subscription for the service and connect your TV to the internet.

 This is the more reason why people try to jailbreak Samsung smart tv because we as humans always want more.

What does Jailbreaking means?

Jailbreaking a device means gaining root access on it and installing any app you want. Jailbreaking is a process of removing limitations on software, so that it can be used in ways impossible with the stock software.

To jailbreak Samsung TV is to modify the TV firmware by installing a third-party app store like Kodi. This allow you to download apps that are not available on the official app store.

Jailbreaking Samsung smart TV is a way of making it into a more general home media center. This means it will support accessing media from outside sources, such as YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services even outside your country region.

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Can Smart Tvs be Jailbroken?

Samsung TV has its own OS, Tizen OS, there are some specific requirements needed to jailbreak your Samsung TV. And yes, it is possible to jailbreak smart tvs to add more apps and features to it.

Depending to the type of Os and brand, you need different tools and procedures to jailbreak it.

Why do people try to Jailbreak Samsung tv?

There are many reasons why people jailbreak their Samsung smart TV.

The most common reason for doing so is to access content that is not supported by the manufacturer of the TV, such as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and other premium apps.

There are also some apps that cannot be found on official storehouses of Samsung smart TVs and must be downloaded from third-party sources due to licensing issues or restrictions imposed by the developer.

On top of this many jailbreakers enjoy customizing their devices to make them stand out from other devices which may have similar features but different aesthetics or styles.

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What’s the Disadvantage of Jailbreaking your Samsung smart Tv

Of course, anything that has an advantage must also come with disadvantages. As good as it sounds when you Jailbreak, you have access to a whole lot of apps and functionalities of the smart aspect of your Samsung Tv. However, Does Jailbreak sounds legal to you?

One of the disadvantages is that it is technically wrong and illegal to try to manipulate the software against which it was built.

Another disadvantage is that you open up your smart tv to being hacked much easier than before. It will be easy for your television to get compromised by Hackers.

The risk associated with Jailbreaking your Tv is high. So you have to decide yourself and be sure what you’re doing.

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Step by Step guide on how to jailbreak Samsung smart tv

Follow the below steps:

  • Enter default pin
  • Choose your language of preference
  • Make sure to choose a channel type
  • Provide another passcode and
  • Update and Restart your Tv

First, there some things you need to put to check before proceeding.

A Samsung Smart TV is modified using the Linux operating system. It has a kernel that facilitates communication between the computer’s hardware and software.

In order to avoid being constrained by the kernel, remove it. You must first determine whether it has a built-in ARM processor with a firearm version lower than 1018.0. Check the manual that comes with your Tv

Once that is done, other necessities include:

  1. Samsung SDK(SDK which means software development kit,
  2. Toolchain, and
  3. GIT or XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

So let’s start how to jailbreak your Samsung smart tv

Enter Pin

  • Power On your smart tv, next got to “Settings” on the remote
  • Click “Setup options”, you will be prompted to enter your pin code. (try 0000. If it doesn’t work, you may check the manual that comes with your device or call the manufacturers support centre number).

Choose Language Preference

You will be prompted to select the language of your choice. The correct language will be automatically selected after you have accepted pin code. However, you can choose whatever language that suits you.

Make sure to choose a Channel type

Now you will get Auto tuning option on your screen. So, go to the “Channel type” and choose “Digital” to proceed with the auto tuning.

When the Auto Tuning process completes, click “Next.” If you are prompted to do another Auto Tune, simply choose “No,” stopping the process and readying you for the next step.

Provide another passcode

Ok, so you’re almost getting there. You will be asked your “Internet Service Location”. You will find and select yours.  Next, select “Aerial Option” and “Next.” Then, you will be asked for a passcode that you will enter. Enter that passcode.

Update and Restart the Tv

This is the final step where you will click “Update Now!”, then wait. After complete updating, you can restart the smart tv and your updates will be applied to your brand new jailbroken Samsung smart tv. Viola! And that’s it.

What Next?

You can also Jailbreak your Samsung smart tv by installing third-party apps like Kodi. But we will not be covering that in this article because of it’s limitations to the newer versions of Samsung tv.

Final thoughts!

On a final note, we made it clear that there are specific requirements to jailbreak Samsung TV.

Jailbreaking or rooting is a method of accessing or unlocking a Smart TV’s Operating System to provide you unlimited access to the internet, app downloads, and many other things. The fact that jailbreaking a smart TV is technically wrong was correctly emphasized.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this guide! I’ve been wanting to jailbreak my Samsung Smart TV for a while now, and this post has made it so much easier. The instructions are clear and simple to follow, and I’m excited to finally have the freedom to customize my TV without any restrictions. Can’t wait to try it out and see what other cool things I can do with it! 😃

  2. Thanks for sharing this detailed guide on how to jailbreak a Samsung smart TV! I’ve been looking for a solution to get more control over my TV’s settings and this seems like the perfect answer. Can’t wait to try it out and see how it works for me! 😊

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