Complete guide: how to pawn your apple watch at local pawn shop

pawn apple watches

“Let’s say you don’t wear your Apple watch all that much and you want a new watch; Or perhaps you need some quick cash. You then have two choices. You can either sell or pawn your Apple watch at a local pawn shop.

Apple watches have evolved from being fashion accessories to becoming a necessity for many individuals.

 Many people rely on them to remain in touch, keep track of their health, and, of course, tell the time accurately. They can carry out a number of essential tasks.

But many people who are interested in buying an Apple watch are nevertheless wary of the high price tag.

Since we can wear a computer on our wrist, we can honestly say that we are living in the technological age of the future. Even though we refer to them as Apple Watches, they are a lot more.

It functions almost exactly like having your phone right there on your wrist, allowing you to take calls, send texts, and browse the Internet. As a result, Apple Watches are obviously quite valuable, and even earlier, used generations are still worth a lot.

So, in this article, I have compiled a guide to buying, selling, or pawning an Apple watch at your local pawnshop:

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How to buy a good apple watch from pawn broker

You may get great deals on everything from jewelery to electronics at your local pawn shop. Apple watches are no different no matter the series. And yes! You can pawn your apple watch.

You won’t have to pay for expensive retail prices when you buy an Apple watch from your local pawnshop, and you won’t have to deal with shipping or dishonest dealers.

However, it is still your responsibility as the customer to conduct adequate research before purchasing an Apple watch.

So here are some few considerations to ensure that you are buying an authentic apple watch in good condition.

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  • Be sure to buy the right model series: Since their release in 2014, the functionality of Apple watches has advanced significantly from apple watch series 1, apple watch series 2, apple watch series 3, to apple watch series 7; their overall appearance and design has largely remained the same. As a result, if it is not properly identified, it may be easy to mistakenly buy the incorrect model series.
  • Ensure that the watch can pair with your iPhone: The Apple watch will have been disconnected from its previous owner’s account. However, you should make sure the watch and your phone are compatible.
  • Check the face properly than the straps: You can easily and affordably change the straps on an Apple Watch to suit your preferences. While you can’t really change the face.
  • Research current market: Do some market survey on the desired model of Apple watch before visiting your local pawnshop to look for one.

By looking up recent sales on auction or person-to-person sales applications, you can get a sense of the price in general. With this knowledge, you’ll have a better notion of your spending limit and be able to spot a fair price when you encounter one.

There are things that you need to take care of while pawning or trying to sell your Apple Watch:

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What you need to put in place before selling your apple watch

When you finally decide about pawning or selling your Apple Watch, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Make sure the appearance of the watch is good: You need to be mindful about the appearance of your apple watch. Make sure it is neat and clean, give it an attractive look. The better the look, the better the prices it will get. Take it to pawn shop neat.
  • Gather all the accessories: Collect all the accessories, pack them nicely. It will be better if you have the original box. The take it to a pawn shop in perfect condition.
  • Contact a genuine pawn broker: There are lots of pawn brokers available. But you cannot take the risk of selling or pawning your expensive Apple watch anywhere. You need to take it to a highly trusted, genuine pawnbroker, who offers the best price for your Apple watch.

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Here are a list of some pawn broker shop/site

  1. DDpawnLoans
  2. CentralMegaPawn
  3. PawnAmerica
  4. PawnHero

Guidelines for pawning your apple watch

If you require a quick, safe, and inexpensive small-dollar loan, your Apple watch could be your lifesaver.

Pawn loans are wise alternative for other types of short-term loans like payday loans or credit card cash advances.

The guidelines for pawning an apple watch are below:

  • Unpair your watch and reset it to factory settings – don’t make the common mistake of erasing your watch and thinking it is ready to go. Here’s how to unpair and reset:

1. With your watch nearby, open the “Apple Watch” app on your phone

2. Tap “My Watch” at the bottom of the screen, then tap the name of your watch near the top of the screen

3. Tap the little “i” icon to the right of your watch name, then tap “Unpair Apple watch”. The app will walk you through the rest of the process.

  • Good Negotiation/ make bargains: Your local pawnbroker, as opposed to all other methods of selling your Apple watch, may be willing to negotiate the price or, in certain situations, the loan terms. Bring up your bargain skills, don’t be afraid to negotiate a good deal.
  • You may choose to walk out: Don’t be afraid to leave and visit another store if you are unable to come to an agreement that favors both parties to the transaction or if you sense that you are being under pressure to sell or accept a price. You won’t be pressured by any pawnshop worth your business, and you can easily choose another one that will treat you fairly.
  • Don’t show desperation: Never look desperate to sell your apple watch series in a pawn shop or in front of pawn brokers, you will end up getting a minimal amount.
  • Pay your loans on time: if you want your Apple watch back after you have repaid your loan, be sure to make payments on time and that you carefully read the terms of your loan.

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How much will I get if I pawn my apple watch

Apple watch has come a long way since they first released in 2014/2015. The design hasn’t really changed all that much but the price sure has! When first released, the least expensive Apple Watch you could buy was $349! Now, you can get a good Apple Watch on the used market for as low as $200!

Depending on the apple watch grade series, you can get as low as $150 to as high as $2000.

Wrap Up!

So that is it for buying and pawning your apple watches. It’s safe to say that the demand for these watches have only increased since the price dropped to an affordable level.

If you have an Apple Watch that you want to sell or you want to pawn your apple watch, you’re still in a good season to do so.

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