All you need to know about Sosoft qi wireless charger + Power Bank

sosoft qi wireless power bank

What is Sosoft qi wireless charger

A wireless charger and a power bank are both included in the sosoft Qi wireless charger + power bank. It gives you the option of wirelessly charging your electrical devices while you’re on the go and extending your battery life.

Through wireless charging technology, you may charge your gadget without a physical connection because it transfers electricity between two devices using electromagnetic fields.

The Qi wireless charging standard, which is commonly used for wireless charging, is supported by the sosoft Qi wireless charger + power bank.

The power bank’s feature enables you to store additional battery power and use it to charge your devices when you’re not near an outlet. When you are traveling or in a position without access to a power source, this can be extremely helpful.

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Benefits of Using a wireless charger + power Bank

  1. Convenience: You may charge your devices wirelessly without using wires or connectors. When you’re on the go or in a circumstance where cords are difficult to access, this can be extremely useful.
  1. Multiple devices: You can charge multiple devices simultaneously with many wireless chargers and power banks, such as the sosoft Qi wireless charger and power bank. This can be useful if you just have one outlet and need to charge several gadgets at once.
  1. Portability: Wireless chargers and power banks are frequently compact and light, making them simple to carry everywhere. This can be especially helpful if you’re on the go or in a circumstance where a power outlet isn’t likely to be available.
  1. Ease of use: Usually simple and uncomplicated when using a wireless charger + power bank. Your device will start charging immediately when you place it on the charger.

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How to setup and use qi wireless charger + power bank

To use sosoft qi wireless charger, follow these steps below

  1. Charge the power bank: The sosoft Qi wireless charger + power bank must first be charged before it can be used to charge your devices. Use the provided micro-USB cable to attach the power bank to a power source to accomplish this. It will instantly start charging the power bank.
  1. Put your device on the charger: You can use the power bank to wirelessly charge your devices after it has been fully charged. Put your device on the charger pad to achieve this. Verify that the device is within the charging range, properly positioned on the charger pad, and powered on (typically a few inches).
  1. Wait for the device to charge: As soon as you set your device down on the charging pad, it should start charging right away. To check that the device is charging, you will often see an indicator light or notification.
  1. Check the battery level: Press the power button on the power bank to view the battery level. The LED lights will flash as a result, showing the battery level as of that moment.
  1. Detach the power bank: To stop using the power bank, just unplug any connected devices and disconnect the power bank from the power source.

Feature of sosoft qi wireless charger:

  • 4000 mAh
  • Includes USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • UL Listed battery
  • Qi certified
  • Material: Plastic with fabric top

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Do Qi chargers Drain your Battery

So, unlike other charging methods, wireless charging won’t shorten the life of your battery. The lifespan of the battery can really be increased by using a wireless charger. According to research, maintaining a battery charge above 50% can be less dangerous than allowing it discharge to below 10% before charging.


In conclusion, I would say that anyone who needs to charge their gadgets while on the go can benefit from having a wireless charger + power bank.

In this area, the sosoft Qi wireless charger + power bank seems to be a well-liked and well-reviewed choice with a variety of practical features and a fair price.

But before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to perform your own research and think about your own requirements and preferences.

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