7 Mistakes you should avoid when charging your mobile phone

charging mistakes to avoid

Let’s be blunt about it- Many of us are obsessed with our mobile phones and we can barely do without them even for some few hours.

However, excessive usage of the mobile phone can shorten the lifespan of the battery which may lead to increase and continuous battery charging several times a day.

Nowadays, almost everything is done on the mobile phone. We spend our time watching Youtube, surfing through Facebook, attending the online event via zoom, and many more.

Whether you are a casual smartphone user or technology enthusiast, you would love your smartphone’s battery to last a little longer. true?

Most mobile phones that are produced use Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries which can hold up charge up to 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Once a Li-ion battery crosses 300 cycles, its capacity may drop to 80% of its original capacity.

This may happen if you have used your phone for up to 2 years or more, you may have noticed a degradation in the battery performance.

With the increased usage of your mobile phone, its battery life span starts to gradually decrease and one of the main causes may be traced to mistakes you make while charging your phone.

In this article, here are 7 mistakes you should avoid when charging your mobile phone which can decrease the life span of the smartphone’s battery.


This is what most of us do. We plug in our phones to charge before going to bed.

We leave it plugged into the socket all through the night making it charge for hours at a stretch.

This may lead to an increase in heat production which may reduce the lifespan of the battery when done consistently.

This is called overcharging. Most modern smartphone gets fully charged within 2 to 3 hours and the least you can sleep during the night is most likely going to be 5 to 8 hours.

It is better to charge your phone before you sleep and switch it off while sleeping to preserve the battery till the next day.

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charging phone battery

Here’s another mistake to avoid when charging your mobile phone. You charge a little then, you remove it.

Once your phone drops percentage a little, you plug it again to charge. It is recommended that you charge the device from 0 to 80% and then unplug the charger.

Also, it is best to wait until the phone battery level drops to 10% or below before plugin it for charging again.

Although this might be somehow difficult considering the electricity situation you should strive to follow these habits whenever possible if you want to prolong the battery health of your mobile phone.

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micro usb charger

In every mobile phone manual, it is written: “Do not use unsupported charger”. Imagine using an Itel A20 charger to charge Infinix hot 10. Lol!

Always ensure using the charger that comes with your mobile phone. Most of us are guilty of using low-quality chargers to charge our phones.

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charging phone

It is visible that we are all so much addicted to our mobile phones that we continuously use them while charging.

Playing games while the data is On, you open all the chatting apps and switch between applications, then the music is playing, and so on.

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All these put pressure on batteries and may cause overheating in the phone.

Always ensure to unplug if you have to attend to a call or send a message to someone.

Putting the phone through a heavy load and usage while charging can cause the processor to generate a lot of heat and heat is the battery’s biggest enemy.

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mistakes to avoid while charging

According to Pulse.ng, “Sleeping with your phone near you can be harmful to your body functions and tend to limit the production of many significant hormones“. A lot of people have the habit of keeping their phone under their pillow so it can easily be reached when needed during the night.

It is very dangerous to keep your mobile under the pillow when charging.

It has been observed that mobile phones generate heat while getting charged, and that heat needs to be dissipated in order to save the phone from any possible damage or battery degradation.

If you want to easily have access to the phone while it is getting charged during the night, you can get a table at the bedside and place it on it.

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mobile charge cable

It is normal for your phone charger to get spoil, but while you wait to get another one, you may be using the wrong charger which does not fit in well to the charging port.

Forcing a charger to fit in may cause issues with the charging port thereby causing it to fail.


Listening to music

Charging your mobile phone and listening to music using your earphone is very risky.

Such habits may have an effect on the brain due to radiation. In order words, a chance of electrocution can occur.

It is dangerous to use your earphone while charging because electricity is easily conducted from the electric socket to the earphones, especially if you have a faulty charging port.

Many people have fallen victim and lost their lives because of such mistakes. So it is best to avoid it by all means.

So that’s some mistake you should avoid when charging your mobile phone.

If you follow these simple charging habits that are recommended in this article, you may save your phone battery from getting degraded quicker than usual. I hope this article is enlightening.

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