11 Most in-demand tech skills to learn in 2022

high demand tech skill to learn

In-demand skills are the most sought-after skills in a particular sector or industry of the job market.

When skills are in high demand, the candidates who possess these skills are more likely to succeed in the job application process.

This is particularly true if the demand for that skill is higher than the supply — in other words, there are more jobs than suitable candidates.

Why you need to go for top most in-demand tech skills?

Organizations that hire candidates with tech skills that are in high demand are stronger against their competitors. Tech is a broad field, and there are a lot of interesting directions you can go in.

But it’s also a field that evolves rapidly, so you’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of hot technologies and high-demand skills for the next 10 years.

In today’s competitive job market, everyone is looking to learn and master tech skills that will separate them from the pack.

We often think of this as a new field or skill that we are trying to learn or an existing one that we are trying to add to our repertoire.

But what if it’s not just a new skill we’re looking to learn, but also a technique?

It can be hard to figure out which skillset is the best for you – some people are better planners and others are better problem-solvers. The same thing goes for figuring out what tech skills you want to develop.

Some people might be more interested in learning how algorithms work and how computer program functions while others may want to build their own websites, apps, etc.

For this reason, it can be difficult to choose the right track if not properly guided.

Learning a new tech skill can help you advance your career or even make a career switch.

There’s a certain stigma around computer science courses, but there are many different ways to learn how to code and it doesn’t have to be in an expensive university classroom – though that is an option too.

There are many online platforms that offer either free or low cost coding classes, but also opportunities to learn by doing. Udemy is one of the most recognize online learning platform recognized by most organizations.

There are coding clubs in libraries and community centre where you can join in and meet other people who want to learn how to code too. Of course, it is not all about writing code, so don’t get scared yet.

Disclosure: This list of 11 most in-demand tech skills to learn is written in no particular order of first to last. Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links which means I may get a commission if you purchase from these links at no additional cost incurred to you.

So let’s dive in to 11 most demand tech skills to learn in 2022 in no time. winks!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AI/ML)

Ai/ML tech skill

Skills in developing, testing, and implementing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are in high demand. This is because many organizations are now automating workflows and data analysis to minimize costs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation and study of intelligent agents, or programs that perceive their environment and take actions which maximize their chances of success.

Example of AI in our daily lives are smart watches, smart home devices, cctv camera, automated systems e.t.c.

A salary survey by salaryexplorer highlights that a person working as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist in Nigeria typically earns around 381,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 190,000 NGN to 590,000 NGN or higher.

That’s about 4M yearly although may vary based on years of experience and location. Candidates for these roles should have a background in:

  • Calculus
  • Probability
  • Algebra
  • Statistics

You can improve your chances of success by developing your skills in data modeling. You should also be familiar with the programming language Python or Java.

Here are Fantastic courses from Udemy that can help you get started in no time.


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IT Support Technician

The IT team is responsible for providing technical solutions, troubleshooting problems, and monitoring the system for additional problems.

Information technology support is a service that provides technical solutions to IT related issues.

It does this through a helpdesk, which offers 24/7 support to customers who are faced with problems or need assistance.

The team provides troubleshooting solutions and monitors systems in order to identify any other potential problems.

IT support is a crucial aspect of any company’s operations. Information technology or IT refers to the process of designing and maintaining computer hardware, software, and networks.

In other words, it is the means by which computers are controlled and kept operational. These days, IT departments are an integral part of most enterprises.

There are four different kinds of IT support: hardware, software, IT infrastructure and end-user service.

IT professionals who provide support for hardware play a vital role in keeping the systems running smoothly.

They maintain equipment such as servers and printers by performing tasks like installing them or replacing components when necessary.  

Programs like Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Photoshop CC that companies use every day to communicate information from one location to another.

The basic salary of an entry level IT support in Nigeria range between 96,000 NGN to 115,000 NGN and about 400,000 NGN or higher for senior IT support officers depending on the organization and level of experience.



cybersecurity skill

Given the current security concerns for a while, cybersecurity is going to be a major focus by companies.

Cyber threat resulted in damages up to a whooping 6 trillion dollars in 2021 alone; making it the single largest economic disaster in history. The need for proper cyber security is so high that according to Cybersecurity Venture’s prediction, it is expected that by 2025, there will be about 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally.

There will be an increase focus on protecting smaller organizations from cyber attacks, protecting the identities and devices of remote worker, preventing access to confidential patient records, protecting smart supply chains and so much more.

Recently, cyber crimes have increased tremendously. In 2021, twitter was hacked and was used to get bitcoin. The Twitter account of the former US president “Donald Trump” was hacked.

According to mygreatlearning, the average cyber security salary in the US is $115,867 per annum. The salary for entry-level positions starts at $87,666 per year, whereas the most experienced professionals make up to $162,513 per annum.

Some of the major big organization in this industry are Fortinet, cisco, Microsoft, splunk, power alto networks e.t.c.

To get started, you need any of these skills like IT & network fundamentals, cloud security, malware analysis, information security, ethical hacking e.t.c

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain development tech skill

The tech behind Bitcoin has so much more to offer than just cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain has been a buzzword for a couple of years now but majority of people have an understanding that blockchain’s use cases are limited to just cryptocurrencies; but comparing cryptocurrencies to blockchain is like saying smartphone can only be used in making calls.

Blockchain is the fastest growing skill in the US market. It has been observed that blockchain will replace most of the existing technology.

A blockchain developer is a person who designs, implements, supports, and enhance blockchain-related applications famously known as DAPPs, smart contracts, architecture and protocols.

Blockchain developers are similar to web application developers. Both of them create application on a network that’s setup by the core developers.

For you to be a blockchain developer, you have to be good at some programming languages like Java, c++, Javascript, python, Golang e.t.c.

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You will also need to learn Solidity, web3.js, Ethereum and metamask for the advance aspect.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in crypto currencies or not, blockchain technology is a field to consider if you aspire for job security and lucrative pay.

In Nigeria, a blockchain developer can earn from 600,000NGN to 1.2M per month depending on years of experience.

In the united states, developers earn about $109,766 to $150,000 dollar per annum as estimated by Glassdoor. Several companies have invested heavily in incorporating blockchain technology into their processes.

 The global blockchain market is expected to grow from 3 billion dollar in 2020 to 39.7 billion dollars in 2025 with a CGAR of 67.3%. To get into blockchain, these courses below are a great start for you.



Ui/Ux design tech skill

User experience is always a focus for any designer. This includes the visual design, usability, and the overall interactions of an interface.

A lot of companies are looking for creative designers who can design intuitive app design for their businesses.

The user experience for anyone using a certain website or application has increased in importance.

This is where the skill of UX design comes into play which is a process that takes into account the person’s attitude and emotion towards a certain product, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness as well as psychological motives

The user interface, or “UI” as it’s sometimes called, is everything that a visitor or potential customer can see when they visit your website for the first time.

The UI needs to be intuitive and user-friendly so that all visitors feel comfortable exploring your site.

The difference between these two types of designers is that UI designers are more focused on the visual aspects of a system, like its layout and screen elements, while UX designers care about how users interact with system features such as navigation menus or search bars

User interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) are the two different ways that technology is created.

UI design focuses on the visual appearance of a system and how it takes shape, while UX design focuses on how people interact with the system.

UX designers have a deep understanding of human psychology and know what makes people tick.

User experience (UX) design is one of the most in-demand tech skills in the field of design right now.

It involves designing app and web interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. User experience design is the key to making a digital world work for people.

You can find an increasing number of growth opportunities in this field.  A person working as an User Experience UX Designer in Nigeria typically earns around 230,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 115,000 NGN to 356,000 NGN.

Getting into this promising industry requires the right skills and training to meet increasing business demands.

If you want to gain an advantage when developing your UX design skills, you can enroll in an online degree program, follow UX experts or build a network. You will also need skill like Adobe xd, photoshop and sketch.


Search Engine Optimizationn (SEO)

SEO search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a process that determines the manner in which a website will rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS) for any given keyword.

With an estimated salary of 202,000 NGN per month to about 610,000 NGN per month, many companies are realizing the importance of digital marketing and are regularly looking for people with strong search engine optimization marketing skills to increase their company’s visibility and web presence.

This tech skill is in great demand for obvious reasons: increased visibility means more site traffic, and more site traffic leads to increased conversions, customers and revenue.

When it comes to SEO, you should take care to create content that is engaging and valuable to your audience.

SEO doesn’t just stop when you publish your content. You have to work on it by updating, commenting and incorporating tags into your posts as well.

The best way to optimize your site for search engines is by submitting targeted URLs and meta data with every new post you make.



DevOps is an approach that provides a better environment for improved communication and collaboration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

With an estimated salary of about 2.6M NGN per year in Nigeria according to payscale you can kickstart your career with online courses from Udemy.

Tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Docker, Windows Server 2016 Containers are used in DevOps.

A Devops engineer needs to be highly skilled in Linux and Unix scripting as well as possess a knowledge of databases.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a set of processes and procedures involving programming and creating applications or software designed for fast-operating mobile devices such as Android and IOS.

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If you want to learn how to develop a mobile app, you’ll need a few specific skills, such as coding and light graphic design.

Because mobile apps are so common, you can find plenty of tutorials or guides for app creation. The mobile app development market shows no signs of slowing down.

A mobile app developer in Nigeria earns between 150,000 NGN to 550,000 NGN per month depending on location and years of experience.

 Smartphone use continues to grow worldwide. That’s why mobile app development skills are in high demand. You will need skill like flutter, react native, swift or kotlin to be qualify as a mobile developer.


Web Development

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality.

It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites which includes coding and writing markup.

Web development ranges from creating plain-text application to complex web-based applications, social network apps,  and electronic business apps.

You can either be a frontend developer, backend developer, or full-stack developer. Let me break each of these down for you.

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  • Frontend Developer: This involves the combination of design technology, and coding a website appearance to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. They take care of all the visual aspect of the site such as colors, buttons, navigation bar e.t.c. You will need to learn HTML, CSS, and most especially Javascript to be a good frontend developer.
  • Backend Developer: This takes care of the less visible tasks that ensures the website runs smoothly such as managing the hosting services of the website, database, and applications. Backend developers might need to engineer solutions to server issues by using additional server side languages like Python, Ruby, Java, php e.t.c
  • Fullstack Developer: A fullstack developer focuses on both the frontend, client-side, and the backend server. To increase the website operation, each side must communicate and collaborate efficiently as a single unit.

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Web development is a highly specialized field and one of the most popular and rapidly growing industries in the world. A junior web developer in Nigeria earns about 120,000 NGN while intermediate and senior developers may earn from 200,000 NGN to about 600,000NGN


Cloud computing

Cloud engineers are the people responsible for developing and managing these cloud computing systems so end users can easily store files and backup their data.

In an increasingly digitize world, skills in cloud computing are in high demand now and many more will be in the future.

According to Grand View Research, the global cloud computing market is one of the fastest-growing technology markets in the world. It reached $274.79 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1%, reaching $1.25 trillion by 2028

Many companies are moving their data to the cloud. These are software that allow storage on the internet instead of locally on the separate PCs.

In recent years, a larger number of people have moved their database to the cloud such as Google cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

With time, it is safe to say all data will be managed this way and cloud engineers will have a lot of works.

Data Science

data science tech skill

Data science is a broad field and becoming a data scientist is a highly desirable career path.

Although the roles data science and data analysis are often used interchangeably, their responsibilities are actually quite different.

The key difference is simply that data scientists develop processes for modelling data while data analyst examine data sets to identify trends and draw conclusions.

Data scientists play a key role in helping organizations make sound decisions as such they are required to have skills like statistical analysis, machine learning by implementing algorithm and programming skills like Java, R, and Python.

According to Indeed, the average base salary of a data scientist in the US is about $109,100 per year and a base salary of 240,000 NGN to 1.3M in Nigeria as reported by payscale in 2021


Although most employers look for data science professionals with advanced degrees like master of science in data science or at least a background in computer science.

But you’re not limited to just degrees. There are a lot of online resources to get you started and Udemy courses standout from them all as one of the most recognised platform to get you on track.

So I hope this is useful for you. Let me know what you’re starting with in the comment box.

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